Nick Lee makes jazz and software. Scroll down.

Who are you?

I'm serious about two things: building software and playing the piano. I started pursuing both skills around age 7, and I've stuck with them ever since. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY where I am a partner at TENDIGI— by far the best software development shop ever to exist in all our lifetimes and beyond.

I consider myself a kind of technology "jack of all trades." Having spent the majority of my formative years relentlessly experimenting with different technologies, I've done everything from assembly language programming on microcontrollers to large-scale cloud deployments of Ruby on Rails applications. That said, iOS application development is the area in which I have the most expertise. My experience building iPhone apps predates Apple's launch of an SDK, and I make every effort to keep up with changes to the platform. Several of the apps I've worked on have been featured by Apple— both in the App Store and on-stage during various keynotes.

I also play the piano a lot. I've been lucky enough to learn from some really great musicians—Mulgrew Miller, Donald Vega, Don Friedman, James Weidman, Dave Frank, and many more. More to come on that front.

How do I get to know you?

nick [at] nickplee [dot] com

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